The No. 1-Rated Cable Channel — for 28 Consecutive Quarters — Gets on Board With ‘TV Everywhere’

Jul 3, 2013  •  Post A Comment

A cable channel that has quietly racked up one of the most impressive winning streaks in television — the top-rated cable channel for 28 consecutive quarters — is going "TV Everywhere," Deadline.com reports.

The channel is USA Network, which becomes the first NBCUniversal cable property to dip its toe into the space, the story reports. Viewers will be required to subscribe to a pay TV service to gain access to the content, the piece notes.

"Today’s announcement says the network’s shows like ‘Royal Pains’ and ‘Burn Notice’ can be seen online and via the new USA Now app for tablets and smartphones the day after they air on USA, and that NBCU is planning rollouts of similar apps for its other channels including Syfy and Telemundo," the story reports. "Today’s launch will be for iOS platforms only, with an Android version on its way later this month.

The providers who are on board so far include Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cablevision, DirecTV, Dish Network and FiOS, the report says. "After the Android app is live, that means about half the 99 million U.S. households that get USA will have access to the content, with a ramp-up expected in the next year," Deadline notes.

The report adds: "In addition to streamed episodes, there will be the usual second screen experiences and social networking tie-ins. A second phase will incorporate more personalization and gamification elements. Viewers will receive show recommendations based on their viewing habits, and have the ability to sign up for alerts for new content."


  1. What about those that don’t subscribe to any pay TV service? Still left out in the cold, it seems. I guess it’s really only “TV anywhere” for certain audience segments.
    Call me (and millions of other TV viewers) when I can actually watch any individual TV episode I might want… on any device I want… anywhere I want.
    Until then, “TV anywhere” is an empty buzzword used by media snake oil salesmen.

  2. If you don’t pay for TV now, why should you have the privilege of watching a show that you wouldn’t normally get to see?
    Pay up, and watch, or don’t pay. But don’t bitch if you don’t pay.

  3. The complaint is about 1) the fact that “TV anywhere” isn’t really TV anywhere, it’s a marketing slogan… and a poor one because it’s not accurate, and 2) that channel/program providers are not providing options… options that they could provide.
    The complaint isn’t about paying for TV, although I can see where that could be construed. I should have written, “Call me (and millions of other TV viewers) when I can actually watch any individual TV episode I might want… on any device I want… anywhere I want… at an affordable/reasonable price per show episode or season.”
    I have good reason to think that there are millions and millions more of us, who would be willing to do that, than any particular channel provider currently has as subscribed viewers.

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