What ‘Storage Wars’ Doesn’t Tell You About Storage Auctions

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"Storage auctions were virtually unheard of before A&E’s ‘Storage Wars’ gained popularity, joining the new phenomenon of oddly specific reality shows like ‘Hoarders,’ ‘Auction Hunters’ and ‘Pawn Stars.’ Anyone who has ever watched an episode of ‘Storage Wars’ or ‘Auction Hunters’ may think that storage auctions are some of the most exciting, cutthroat events around, but the old adage holds true: Don’t believe everything you see on TV."

So says Jenny Zhang, a storage specialist who has written an essay on the Allstate blog.

Zhang continues, "If you’re worried about the belongings inside your self-storage unit falling into the hands of eager auction-goers, save yourself the graying hair — having your possessions auctioned is less likely than these shows would have you believe."

Furthermore, Zhang writes: "If you’re interested in attending a storage auction in the hopes of picking up some undiscovered gems, don’t be fooled by the seemingly action-packed environment depicted on reality TV. Countless journalists have attended real storage auctions and returned with reports that they were nowhere near as exciting or dramatic:

"• Before bidding begins, bidders may preview the contents of the unit from the door. Those participating in the auction are generally not allowed to step inside the unit or touch anything.

"• After the auction, the winner of the unit usually has about 48 hours to remove the contents and clean the unit. They are not allowed to dump trash from the unit onsite."

We urge you to click on the link in the second paragraph, above, to read a lot more specifics. 


  1. I love the show Storage Wars! I had no idea what they weren’t telling us though. So thank you for enlightening me!
    Ruth James | http://www.collinginsurance.com/commercial-insurance.aspx

  2. Are any of the auction shows going to return. There were a couple that I really loved.

  3. just left a voice message at 212-210-1400 A&E New York Office.. my opinion on this Storage Wars is that the whole thing is disgusting.. when I think of the loss of the individual(s) had to forgoe/loose such Heirlooms or other valuables for a couple hundred dollars of back payments overdue.. and/or Family/Financial troubles the Owner was dealing with.. perhaps the owner passed away and family didn’t know of the storage unit.. who knows the actual.. this subject would be the story.. Why didn’t the Samuri Helmet owner sell off this fantastic valuable item to pay 10yrs of Storage rental.. ???? Just makes no sense what’s so ever. And, it pisses me off to see the Disgusting Invidiuals/Coyotes-Vultures who think its “busienss” and all ok what they are doing.. instead of helping those who lost their cherished items.. This show is flat wrong about what it’s depicting.. Americans?.. I am disgusted and not so proud any more.

  4. Its May 2017 – Time to get rid of the entire cast – Jarrod and Brandi are the only ones to stay. All of the others just play to the camera’s and are NOT funny. Laura and Dan must go, Gambler GONE, Rene GONE, Ivy of course GONE, Mary Gone, Kenny can stay, Barry is gone but was good but also a millionaire and you never knew what he did with his lockers. He appeared to be looking for one thing. What happened to everything else? Also gone Edwina and her partner. They bring NOTHING to the show. Brando is already gone thankfully. Imagine REAL storage lockers being left behind with some of the things the show showed you. All the characters would go in to lockers and start pricing things you know they had NO idea the cost.. Ivy was king of the dummies.Then there were the two men dressed like they were going to a ball. Please – stop with that crap. And Hester -all he was interested, if he did not win a locker, he wanted to run up people. So did others on the show. Start over with actual people in actual lockers with stand-in’s actually winning a locker. Might be fun 4 a change

  5. Nothing like rerun number 357,000 on A and E! We pay for reruns on direct TV and so it should be free! Either start showing new episodes or lower our bills!
    Storage auctions are real you just have to find the right ones.

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