Who is Reportedly in ‘Serious Talks’ To Replace Joy Behar on ‘The View?’ Hint: She’s a Former Playmate of the Year and Is Outspoken About the Causes of Autism. Also, Who May Replace Elisabeth Hasselbeck, if She Also Leaves ‘The View’

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Jann Wenner’s Us Weekly is making news again, as it reports it knows who is talking to the producers of "The View" to join the show.

"Make room on the couch! Frequent ‘View’ guest cohost Jenny McCarthy may be joining the ABC morning talk show full-time.’She is in serious talks right now,’ an insider tells Us Weekly of the star, 40, who is currently hosting her own low-rated chatfest on VH1. ‘Her show isn’t quite working out, so she’s definitely open to it.’ "

The story continues, "The sassy single mom would replace Joy Behar, 70, when the comedian moves on in August, reveals another source. ‘The cast and crew get a kick out of Jenny,’ adds a set source. ‘She’s a good fit. She may not be able to carry a show, but she works well with a group ensemble.’ "

The article goes on to say, "A third insider adds Brooke Shields, 48, is also in talks to replace Elisabeth Hasselbeck, 36, come fall. Us Weekly exclusively revealed in March that Hasselbeck will not be returning as a cohost, but she has yet to confirm the news."

McCarthy first came to national attention as Playboy’s Playmate of the Year in 1994, the year after Anna Nicole Smith held that title.  In recent years she’s been vocal about autism and what causes it. She appeared on PBS’s ‘Frontline’ in 2010 espousing her views about autism. In 2002 McCarthy had a son, Evan, who has been diagnosed with autism..

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Jenny McCarthy


  1. Surprisingly, this article mentions Jenny McCarthy has “views about autism” but fails to mention what those views are. She’s a high profile anti-vaccine crusader, supporting an unscientific, discredited position that has actually done great harm to children under the pretext of protecting them from an imagined threat. ABC knows this well and may be hoping her crackpot views will bring viewers to see what nutty thing she says next. They may not be prepared for the backlash if she goes off the rails.

  2. Unfortunately, McCarthy was a very vocal advocate against immunization and blamed that as THE cause of autism. She became VERY quiet after the researchers she followed like blind sheep were disproved and admitted that they faked the research and had no proof that immunizations caused autism (any more than sperm from older men does, which was the next “cause”) and they did so for fame. The damage she helped to cause by not having her facts right has done irreparable damage to hundreds of children. She’s not even woman enough to acknowledge the wrong that these clowns did and she innocently added to. I really don’t believe she knew they were liars, she was simply a scared/angry/guilt ridden mom looking for answers. too bad even after the truth was exposed, she got quiet instead of outraged or contrite! Wouldn’t watch her!

  3. It’s interesting that they’d consider a host who has over a thousand dead kids on her conscience. Hate to see what she’ll do with an even bigger soapbox.

  4. Worst decision ever.
    She is a vacuous head on a stick with two notable claims to fame. Showing her boobs for money and falsely accusing vaccines of causing autism.
    She is responsible for lowering vaccination rates. Reprehensible.

  5. @Michael, Fin, and Dan – I’d love to see the studies done, which yield the data to support your statements. Especially identifying the “over a thousand dead kids…” Because, while I find your statement incredible, I can show you 391 events where an infant, under age 3 died on the same day they got vaccinated in the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System Database; and another 527 infants under two years old who were left permanently disabled, starting on the day they received their vaccines, as well. According to the CDC there is a problem with under-reporting of adverse events to the VAERS, so these are only some of the total adverse events that occurred, on the day the infant was vaccinated…
    While many believe the information published in the headlines, few take the time to actually read the study constructs and understand what the data really show; this is a travesty, because it leaves the general population with a false belief in the capabilities of an advertised product. One should shop for a vaccine in the same manner as one shops for a car seat – what level of protection will it provide my child, can using it harm my child, and are there similar or better features in competitor’s products?
    So, will vaccination work? Vaccines may work from not at all to up to 10 years (vaccine immunity wanes with no warning and on a schedule unique to each individual) – this is unique to the combination of vaccine type and individual. This is why you must keep getting “boosters” every few to several years, throughout your lifetime. Also, vaccination does not equal immunization. Those who were vaccinated can still carry the disease, spread the disease, catch the disease, and express the disease symptoms. So, while there is anecdotal “evidence” that some who are vaccinated do not express the disease, there is no way to know if they would have contracted the disease but-for vaccination, or if they would have been immune as a result of passive immunity or simply a strong immune system, regardless?
    Is it safe? Well, PhRMA was having trouble defending their product against lawsuits brought by people who were injured or the families of those who were killed, in Civil court; so the Federal Government created a program to insulate PhRMA from the hassle and expense of defending their vaccines, it is called the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. This Program replaces your right to sue in Civil court with a hearing in front of a Government Attorney (called a Special Master). In your hearing (assuming you filed your case in what the Government deems a timely manner, otherwise you get no hearing), the Government provides Expert Witnesses to argue on behalf of the Government (more or less PhRMA proxies) in front of the Government’s Special Master, and you hire an attorney and find your own Expert Witness (but the Government gets to tell you if your expert is really and expert and can dismiss your Expert’s testimony, if they choose); you will need to pay the Expert Witness thousands of dollars, but your attorney will be paid, whether you win or lose, by the Government (after the case is decided, he may have to wait ten or more years to see payment). Anyway, your attorney presents your case to the Government’s attorney (Special Master) and the Government’s attorney presents their case, then the Government’s attorney (Special Master) decides if you suffered a vaccine injury (unless the injury in on the tiny “Table” of events, and was recorded in medical records within [usually] 3 days of receiving the shots – these are usually immediately compensable). Anyway, this whole shebang was designed to protect PhRMA from having to pay for harm caused by the vaccines, and is funded by 75 cents from the price of each vaccine (you pay for the program when you pay for the vaccines)…So, are they safe? Not for some number of people, otherwise, there would be no need for this program nor for the “table” of injuries the Government readily recognizes as harm caused by vaccines.
    So, are there better options? Yes, assuring the best nutritional status possible, adequate rest, plenty of sunshine, adequate exercise, staying home and resting when not well, and assuring only clean hands touch the eyes, nose, and mouth (or objects which touch these), all help keep disease from taking-up residence in your baby’s body. Further, should disease visit, don’t reduce a fever unless it reaches the danger zone of over 105° F, or is seen in a newborn or infant; be sure, especially with fever to keep the patient well-hydrated, if this is not possible seek medical care! And of course seek medical care any time you are unsure of health status, as you see fit. Once the disease passes, the patient is most likely to have immunity that will last a lifetime…
    If you are unable or unwilling to take good care of your health, a vaccine might have a place in your life; but it is not a guarantee you will remain healthy or disease-free. You cannot inject health. And, really, isn’t health really just your body doing the job it was designed to do because it is functioning optimally?
    So, back to Jenny – if her concerns about a product that is known to be unsafe by our Government somehow make you uncomfortable, maybe you should really be asking yourself why you aren’t more concerned that these products are mandated to be administered to you and yours without fully informed consent detailing BOTH the risks and benefits?

  6. The vaccine / autism debate is alive and well.
    A lot of heads are set to roll as it gathers momentum.
    A lot of advertising dollars too. Hence the reluctance of big media to let this cat out of the bag.
    It fits that many a comment appears to protect the status quo with “fear” and dogma.

  7. How was smallpox wiped out? Vaccines. Why is polio on the verge of being eliminated? Vaccines.

  8. What has she done that’s so bad? She speaks truth from experience. She has not killed a child- or maimed them. She has protected children and shown parents that children can recover from Autism. I have not seen any kids die because they aren’t vaccinated. I have not seen outbreaks because there aren’t people vaccinated. Its backwards. Vaccines cause outbreaks because the virus mutates…. cant fix a broken system….

  9. Smallpox wiped out by vaccines? Hmmm…are we able to show some science based evidence on this?
    I mean, if we keep calling the “anti-vaxxers”, “anti-science”, then it’s only appropriate if we can proof it with science, right?
    As for polio, it seems that the Oral Polio Vaccines are now causing an outbreak of Polio in Nigeria, India and Pakistan.

  10. Good riddance to Elizabeth. I stopped watching because of her garbage right wing holier than thou rants.
    On a side note, vaccines are not natural. They are filled with dangerous carcinogens. Anyone who blindly says vaccines are safe is an idiot. Read a vaccine insert. Vaccines can kill, and they can seriously harm many more. Most people are just fine but we will never know the true amount of those harmed. I made an informed decision with my pediatrician to not vaccinate out kids. He doesn’t fully vaccinate his kid either. That says a lot right there.

  11. I cannot believe people still don’t understand the damage vaccinations are causing. The evidence is all around us and the changes between generations are inexplicable until we look at vaccinations, medications and GMOs. Wake up! McCarthy’s views will be welcomed by our household in which we have one vaccinated child with health issues and one unvaccinated child who is the heartiest child ever.

  12. The ignorance and blind trust in some of these posts are astounding and you know who you are. Why would Moms and Dads lie about what happened to their child following vaccinations. They are purposefully dumbing down the population. I for one will be getting down on my knees hoping Jenny will have the opportunity to speak truth. Look around you this is happening to the rest of the population with the flu shots. Just do a little bit if research in mercury. Turn off your TV and start reading books. Our bodies were fearfully and wonderfully made. The allopathic field totally ignores the electrical and lymphatic system of the body. We are water beings full of electricity. The medical schools in this country is a place where they train people to become drug and procedure pushers. They have no interest in teaching the inner healing power of the body! Evil reigns and we need someone like Jenny McCarthy to speak TRUTH! The war is on! The mother Warriors will NEVER give this up!!!

  13. Ignorance is bliss, to most people who are afraid to go against the grain. God bless Jenny for having the courage to speak up, Of course whe will be ostracized by the ‘mainstream’ who are afraid to look beyond the veil. There is millions being paid out to families whose children were seriously damaged. This didnt exist even 30 years ago to the level it does now. We dont need ridiculous studies completely funded by pharma to prove anything. If you told someone your son had a severe reaction to peanut butter, would you expect people to call you an idiot and blather on and on about how IT COULDNT POSSIBLY BE TRUE? No..and therefore you shouldnt knock the parents whose children had a seizure (some right on the damn table!) after a vax, or lost speech and eye contact. How dare you…we dont need faulty ‘studies’ to prove what we saw with our own eyes.

  14. Michael, Do YOU have a child with Autism? I DO, and until you know what your talking about and accusing anyone of anything, GET THE FACTS..HAD she not went on the journey she did, MY son would still be sitting in a corner flapping his arms with spit rolling out his mouth. DO NOT mistake hear-say from proof, especially when there are millions of parents, like myself searching for ways to help our kids.I know thousands of kids she has helped parents figure thing out that the general public is not aware of. WHY aren’t they aware of it? Because they do not have a child with Autism facing the battles we do. I resent your uneducated comment sir, and find it very childish.My son was a perfect, on target infant UNTIL he got his MMR shot, he has never been the same. You go preach your “potsmoking” smart ass comments to someone who doesn’t battle AUTISM EVERYDAY. Its people like you that make parents like ME, “preach” more awareness in needed, less ignorance.

  15. LMAO. I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but really? She has “over a thousand dead kids on her conscience?” Where do you people get this stuff? What proof do you have that Jenny McCarthy caused the death of 1,000 (or even one, for that matter) child? I don’t know her personally (and neither do you, but I saw her speak about her son’s autism on Oprah once many years ago. She was there with her son’s DOCTOR, and she stated outright that she is not anti-vaccine, but that she would like to see more safety precautions taken with vaccines. Mostly she talked about how she helped her son manage his autism through diet and other things. Get your facts straight before you slander people! Are you people who blindly trust what the medical establishment tells you so mindless that you can’t even entertain the fact that there might be ANY negative effect for some children after being injected with 60 vaccines before they enter school, along with the adjuvants like mercury (yes, it is STILL in some vaccines), aluminum, formaldehyde, to name a few? I always wonder why exactly do YOU think autism rates have gone from 1 child in 10,000 to 1 child in 100? If you don’t think it’s an environmental cause, what do you think is the cause? I’m sorry, but better screening and looser criteria for diagnosis, does not in itself explain a jump like that. But, regardless of what you think, it’s not appropriate to attack a woman who, like you, blindly went along with following the insane vaccine schedule and saw her son as she knew him, disappear just afterwards, like so many other people. Then she spoke out in favor of safer vaccine practices (like doses based on weight, not one-size-fits-all, and single doses instead of 3 vaccines at once–common sense suggestions) and told how she helped her son. What is so wrong with that? Wake up people! (This is not all directed toward you, Dan, yours was just the ridiculous comment that broke the camel’s back, prompting me to write!)

  16. Sarah Michelle Gellar or Jennifer Lopez are the pro vaccine advocates who want the world to be immunized. Anything you say about Jenny McCarthy could be said about Sarah Michelle Gellar except Sarah hasn’t seen her child almost die from a vaccine. Sarah has however a very nice check.

  17. PS. I DO know her personally and you have NO idea how good of a person she is. To you guys throwing your judgmental comments out there, I bet you wouldn’t turn your heads to see her boobs..And FYI, again, GET YOUR FACTS..She posed for playboy because she was broke paying to help her kid, to help get the money to pay for her sons treatment, which insurance does not pay for and we pay outrageous prices for food, therapies, Dr.’s, ect. I would do anything to help my son. I was a single mother raising two children BY MYSELF, I would have posed for anything, sold dope, whatever to get my kid help because it was up to ME to do so without any help for the gov’t or insurance that would cover anything for him. I drove him 45 miles one way EVERYDAY for therapy,paid out of my pocket.Society AND the gov’t are both ignorant( or least say act it) to what really is going on with pharmacy’s and our precious gov’t. Again, shut your mouth until you KNOW what you are talking about. Dead kids? REALLY? How about you go a do something to help us parents out..just what I thought, you would not even begin to know where to start..One more proven fact by reading all of your negative, judgmental, smart mouth comments, you have no idea what your talking about, BUT I bet you would sure look at her nude in playboy and not turn your head if you had a chance to see her boobs! Your brain is in your wrong head…

  18. Based on the comments made above, I’d say she would be a good fit for The View.

  19. The PERFECT fit! Millions of mothers like her are dumped by MSmedical and are left to do with what they can to help their sick kids. Yes Autism kids are sick. They can all be treated to cure if they stop adding infectious antigens to the mix of infections they were given in vaccines. Talk about a reality show…Now there is one we would ALL be interested in—except the vaccine manufacturers who only care about their profit margins from sales of junk that never worked.
    Stop the Autism pandemic now, before it is too late.

  20. It’s very typical of those who have mis-guided or uninformed ‘beliefs’ to use ad hominem attacks to marginalize those who take a stand and have the knowledge base to share their life experience which, in the case of Jenny McCarthy, presents a contrarian view to that espoused by the bought and sold media. Kudos to her for exposing the facts about how vaccines caused her son’s autism and how she used non-allopathic methods to restore her son’s health.
    As for vaccines, the truth of how deleterious they are to one’s health is becoming more known as parents of those damaged or who have died, are sharing their child’s stories w/others. To date, over $2.4 billion has been compensated to families of children who have been permanently damaged and/or died from vaccine reactions. In 1986, Congress enacted legislation to indemnify drug co$ from liability and the thousands of lawsuits filed on behalf of victims of vaccine reactions. This monetary amount is under-represented in that less than 1% of reactions/deaths are reported to VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System), an after-the-fact database which is strictly voluntary and does not reflect the actual number of reactions/fatalities caused by vaccines.
    Check out http://www.nvic.org (Nat’l Vaccine Info Center) for more info…

  21. She has nothing to do with why anyone I know chooses to delay or decline vaccines. No one cares that much what Jenny McCarthy says about vaccinating, aside from people like you. The CDC, WHO, and the vaccine manufacturer’s themselves have given me enough reason to question the current vaccine schedule.

  22. Polio, huh. Are you aware that the last case of polio in the US was caused by the vaccine? And throughout the world, the polio vaccine causes many of the reported cases of polio? http://www.polioeradication.org/Dataandmonitoring/Poliothisweek/Circulatingvaccinederivedpoliovirus.aspx
    And I’m sure you are aware of the cutter incident, right? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cutter_Laboratories

  23. I wonder how many people realize that the drug companies Can NOT and Will NOT be held liable for any child or adult that has had a reaction or death due to vaccination! The drug companies are protected by law! Think people use your brains and think, do you know how much drug companies would stand to loose if they “were” held liable? Vaccines are making kids sick, which then leads to doctors visits then prescriptions that don’t help but just make another generation of dependent children on pharmaceuticals!! If all this was made public the drug companies would be out of business!!
    People need to get up and move around, quit eating junk and lead a healthier life in order to not be so dependent on drugs that are just keeping you from getting better!! Another good “for instance” is Cancer. Look at the numbers of people with cancer 30 years ago and then look at the numbers now in 2013, the numbers will blow you away!! There is NO money in curing cancer, and even if they have found one or do find one the public will NEVER know about it because of the money the drug companies would lose!!
    A comment was made earlier about vaccinated kids making non-vaccinated kids sick, as far as that’s concerned I can say that, that comment is true! My almost 4 year old has never been vaccinated but she did contract measles from a child that had had the MMR vaccine and was shedding. I was not mad because I knew that she would recover fine seeing as she’s only ever had one cold that lasted 2 days! My kids eat healthy foods grown here at home along with local farms in getting organic chicken and other things. We take Juice Plus along with vitamin D3. Oh and all my kids have had chicken poxs and did just fine!
    You know I have still never come across a fully vaccinated child that is “healthy”!! People really need to research this stuff, and not just looking at one website, but really research things. Go to the library, go visit hospitals that have data centers! Look into it all!!

  24. Contrary to what all the Jenny-bashers say, Jenny McCarthy clearly wants safer vaccines and a safer vaccine schedule (per her interview in Child magazine a few years back), which I think is a reasonable position. What’s not to like about that? Her kid got autism from being vaccinated when he was sick, and she’s trying to make sure it doesn’t happen to other kids.

  25. Great news for the vaccine injury community. Jenny McCarthy did get the spot on ABC’s, The View. It is official as media is now reporting the fact. I placed my comment here>>>
    Click on the link if you’d like to watch the mad hatters, the deceived & those who duped them go ballistic or comment yourself.
    Here’s mine>>>
    “The deception can now stop people. News for you today is Jenny did get the spot on The View. It is official. And to thwart the lies concerning vaccines all it will take is for any reasonable person to learn the dangers of vaccines is to look at the vaccine inserts which are never offered by doctors. The ingredients & side effects, including death, should be enough to scare the hell out of anyone who can read & clue them real research is called for. Yayyyyy Jenny. The cover up is coming to its end, thank the Good God is for that.”
    Write the producers if you will & thank them for the great move. Many like me stopped watching but will again watch that show.
    If you have time, a printed letter sent via snail mail is most effective:
    ABC c/o The View
    320 W. 66th Street
    New York, New York 10023
    Thanks to the bogus group Jenny McCarthy Body Count for their hateful petition against Jenny which included these email links.

  26. I see the autism supremist crowd are cyber bullying again. Make no mistake.. they see something like this and they actually co-ordinate attacks on FB groups to get their way. I hope they do not succeed in this new hate crusade. 🙁 Congrats Jenny, good luck and try ignore them if you can.

  27. Jenny McCarthy is an intelligent and outspoken woman. I hope the viewers of The View can see past the haters who attack her. I suspect many of them are shills for big pharma.

  28. The very last person to die from smallpox was fully vaccinated against smallpox. So tell me again how the vaccine wiped out smallpox.

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