‘Big Brother’ Contestant Investigated Over Child Porn Comments

Aug 8, 2013  •  Post A Comment

A contestant on CBS’s "Big Brother" may have set the "moral bar at an all-time low" for the show when he made comments about child porn that triggered an investigation, reports EW.com’s Inside TV.

Spencer Clawson grabbed a fellow contestant’s microphone on the show and said, "I like to beat off to child porn. Did I ever tell y’all about that? I love it. … I love it when they’re around 3 or 4 years old. My favorite ones are when you can tell they’re in a basement.”

The comments were apparently an attempt to make the other contestant look bad. But the police department in Clawson’s hometown of Conway, Ark., took the comments seriously and investigated, the piece reports.

"Due to the nature of the comments, our department moved quickly to look into the matter. At this time we haven’t found that any criminal act was committed," the police department said in a statement.

His employer, Union Pacific, released a statement saying that it has "taken all the action it can under the Collective Bargaining Agreement until Mr. Clawson is released from the show." Clawson has also uttered gay and misogynistic slurs, and praised Hitler, the report notes.

"Union Pacific has notified law enforcement of Mr. Clawson’s August 5 comments," the company said.


Spencer Clawson


  1. Wow, quality TV– good job, CBS. Keep setting that bar high, you guys.

  2. Suddenly, it doesn’t seem like a bad thing that they aren’t on TWC

  3. Not a joking matter at all. If he is willing to say it he is willing to do it.

  4. Not a joking matter at all. If he is willing to say it he is willing to do it.

  5. As long as people tune in, Networks will keep putting this trash on TV. And educated people will keep turning to cable. Wonder why the ratings have dropped to under 2.0 the last year on most Network shows?


  7. What an absurd statement.

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