CBS Working on High-Concept ‘Wizard of Oz’ Project

Aug 9, 2013  •  Post A Comment

CBS has a high-concept "Wizard of Oz" adaptation in the works, EW.com’s Inside TV reports, with the network calling the project "a medical soap based in New York City, inspired by the characters and themes immortalized" in the classic movie.

The show is from writer Emily Fox of "Ghost Whisperer" and executive producers Carl Beverly and Sarah Timberman, and comes from CBS Television Studios.

"When you think about it, there is a certain medical drama aspect to the classic film," James Hibberd writes in the EW report. "Stay with me here — Dorothy’s friends are all missing some vital component that they’re on a quest to recover. She helps put the life-saving straw back in the Scarecrow and gives joint-loosening oil to the Tin Man (who then gets a ‘heart’ from the Wizard)."

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  1. How many ways are left to rape OZ? Like so many other supposed ‘re-imagined’ projects, this is just using an existing well loved & remembered franchise to get people to watch something that has nothing to do with the original.

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