Shark Week Shenanigans: Dead Shark on Subway Forces Evacuation

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With the universe seemingly focused on sharks this week in honor of Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, someone apparently took the opportunity to place a small dead shark aboard a subway train in the New York area, the AP reports.

The discovery of the shark, which the story says "appears to be about 4 feet long, has a cigarette in its mouth with a fare card and Red Bull can nearby," led to the evacuation of the train. The cigarette and other props appear to have been added by a passenger who seized the moment as a photo op.

"The conductor asked passengers to leave the car and closed it off. The train continued to the end of the line, and then a supervisor placed the shark in a garbage bag and put it in the trash," the story reports.

The piece speculates whether a fan of Shark Week may have gotten carried away.

After photos of the shark surfaced online, the piece notes, "Transit officials say they were aware of the photos but are making no effort to find the person who posted them. The transit authority says it has ‘better things to do.’"

USA Today notes that a number of celebrities have been caught up in the frenzy surrounding Shark Week, with "Sharknado" star Tara Reid tweeting: "get these mother fing sharks off this mother fing plane"

Hank Azaria contributed this tweet: "It’s #SharkWeek….wake me when it’s Sharknado Week."

And Katie Couric went for something educational: "Fun fact for #sharkweek RT @TheAtlantic: Why don’t sharks get cavities? http://theatln.tc/14uxa0n"


Shark found on New York subway

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