Quick Takes

Aug 26, 2002  •  Post A Comment

“Exploiting? Yes. Unfairly? Not so much. Anna Nicole is ultimately responsible for her own professional decisions-even the really bad ones. E! just happened to realize that her life was ripe for the picking, and Anna probably didn’t need much persuading.”
Brill Bundy, managing editor, TV, Zap2it.com
“Smith can only be exploited if she cares, and quite clearly, all she cares about is getting attention and money. If anyone’s culpable here, it would be Smith’s ever-present attorney, Howard Stern. … He looks to be angling for a pundit’s gig somewhere.” David Kronke, television critic, Los Angeles Daily News
“Even though Anna doesn’t behave like one, she is an adult [and] can exercise the power of `choice’ to decide how she wants E! or others to treat her. I’m sure she is getting what she wants out of them [E!] and she will stop doing the show if she ever feels `exploited.”’
Ben Suazo, director, marketing services, Jordan Anderson Advertising