Quick Takes

Oct 14, 2002  •  Post A Comment

“Politicians and [TV] have a sweet deal: The industry hands the politicians millions of dollars, and the politicians give much of it back to pay for campaign commercials. The only ones left out are the people that own the broadcast spectrum-the American public.”
Jim Naureckas, editor, Extra!, Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting
“No. Fund-raisers of that type, regardless of the industry, are fairly common, especially in Alaska. Lots of business leaders are anxious to promote their own views and have the opportunity to meet people in leadership roles.”
Laurie Austin Bruce, VP/general manager, KTBY-TV (Fox), Anchorage, Alaska
“Yes. In a story [we ran in 2000], Congressman Tauzin topped the list of legislators who take junkets on the dime of media lobbyists. … So it’s not surprising they’re all going `fishing’ now. … Representatives ought not to sell access.”
Mike Hoyt, executive editor, Columbia Journalism Review