Product Spotlight: Media Manager Select

Nov 4, 2002  •  Post A Comment

What it is: Media Manager Select, a new feature of the Media Manager asset management system from Avid. Media Manager Select should be available the first week of December.
What it does: The “Select” feature opens the production environment beyond editors to directors, producers and journalists. Media Manager Select streams media from the Avid Media Manager environment to a software player for desktop viewing of digital dailies, for instance. “The technology allows customers to have one piece of media and then stream it out to users,” said Karin Monsler, product manager for Avid productivity tools.
In a television show environment, for example, the shooting tapes would be digitized and then made accessible through the software player that is part of Media Manager Select.
“We’ve added streaming video into the Media Manager browser. Before when you opened the browser it was a Web page,” Ms. Monsler said. “You would see all the files stored and only see a thumbnail image.” With the new player, a producer or editor can view scenes and takes as streaming video on his or her desktop.
Features and benefits: Media Manager Select offers the ability to create show lists. The person creating the list can then drag the video into that day’s list, hit publish and immediately expand the access to the media, Ms. Monsler said. “The real advantage is the software player that can play enormous video files from a standard PC,” she said.
Digital dailies: Media Manager Select is an “on-lot” solution for digital dailies. It is not used to transmit dailies from location back to the studio, but rather to distribute the dailies in a PC environment to various people who need to see them. “It is an asset management system that reaches out to multiple points in the production process,” Ms. Monsler said
Cost: The feature costs $10,000 as a one-time site fee. It is an add-on to Media Manager, which starts at $20,000. The product is geared for TV production companies, broadcasters and feature film studios.