Quick Takes

Nov 4, 2002  •  Post A Comment

“Overall, no … and the high ratings supported that. Tough situation for press and law enforcement. Both were trying to protect the public. People were afraid and wanted their information to be as current as possible.”
Larry Wert, president and GM, WMAQ-TV (NBC), Chicago
“Sure it did. As usual, too much misinformation and useless speculation filled the gaping void of hard news. But this has become a fact of life in the 24-hour cable news era. TV is a gluttonous animal that needs to be fed.”
Chuck Barney, TV critic, Contra Costa (Calif.) Times
“It is easy to understand why the news coverage was heavy. It is not common for someone to go out randomly shooting at people for no apparent reason. … Media coverage helps to keep our citizens alert for their safety.”
John Keyes, programming coordinator, WFTV (ABC), Orlando, Fla.