Profile: Scott McCoy

Dec 30, 2002  •  Post A Comment

Title: President, Malachite Media, an independent sales company representing the Executive Airline Clubroom Network, featuring CNNfn.
Recent interesting deal: “We began a relationship with AIG, American International Group, the largest insurance company in the world, as an extension of their campaign to influence business decision makers on the benefits of the ability to take calculated risks,” he said. “To make a significant impact, AIG and EACN worked out a three-tier strategy. The first tier consisted of their television creative about leaders and risk takers. This part of the program made a powerful emotional statement. The second tier was accomplished by an electronic poster schedule that was displayed every quarter-hour during their campaign. The third tier, still in planning, will be a brochure available in the business section of the clubrooms to further explain the benefits that AIG can bring to companies.”
The next big thing: “The historical fragmentation of audiences will continue with new editorially specific content, and personal video recorders will escalate the difficulty of reaching consumers with television,” he said. “The trend I see developing is multicontact-point surround communication. Location-specific messaging to select captive audiences can follow and immerse the target in editorially appropriate environments with multiple messaging formats. Recent developments with place-based travel-oriented companies offer an indication of things to come.”
Is there anything you wish you had sold less of: “In the spring around graduation time, Cross Pens ran a unique electronic poster campaign on the network,” he said. “Generally, advertisers run 30-second or 15-second poster showings. Cross Pens, within their 30-second showings, ran four creative executions that featured a large graphic of their product on bright colored backgrounds. Each creative execution wiped into the next like a PowerPoint presentation. The visual selling message was so compelling that other advertisers began considering this strategy. Because the demeanor of the clubrooms is understated, only an occasional bold statement will fit. We had to re-evaluate our creative acceptance policy.”
Is there anything you wish you had sold more of: “Electronic posters. The place-based media property that I represent offers both standard television commercials on the full wide-screen plasma sets and electronic posters that reside on the screen adjacent to the CNNfn live programming.”
If you weren’t in media selling: “If the rock ‘n’ roll band that I play in were to hit it with an original song, I would consider touring globally and appearing on VH1’s `One Hit Wonders.”’