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Mar 17, 2003  •  Post A Comment

Tourists in the NBC Experience Rockefeller Plaza store got value added to their shopping experience during a recent coooold spell. NBC Agency executive Frank Radice, Weekend Today co-host Soledad O’Brien and Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush found it just tooooo coooold outside NBC News headquarters at 30 Rock to shoot ins and outs for programming seen on United Airlines. So they took refuge and production inside the store. There everything went so well-Mr. Bush brought out a playfulness in Ms. O’Brien and the shoppers brought out the best in Mr. Bush-and everyone, including the shoppers, had so much fun that Mr. Radice intends to use the store as a set again. Now The Insider understands why they say that when the going gets tough the tough get shopping.
For payin’ and sufferin’?
When Fox Television Stations filed notice recently in New York Superior Court that it intends to sue UPN for $108 million, the knee-jerk reaction was to try to connect the claim to UPN’s ratings slump. But The Insider thinks the dots ought to be connected quite differently. People familiar with the history of UPN say it has cloaked reverse compensation in other language when a station was deemed important to the distribution of the struggling network. The Insider thinks that when the Fox lawsuit is filed, which is expected to happen shortly, we’ll see that the complaint is about disparities in reverse comp that have become evident as Fox compared affiliation agreements for the UPN stations it purchased from Chris-Craft Industries to those bought from other owners or acquired through swaps. The Insider thinks most-favored-nation status wasn’t always so favorable to the stations owned by Chris-Craft, which cashed out as Paramount’s UPN partner in 2001. And this legal step comes after negotiations have begun to extend affiliation agreements for Fox-owned UPN affiliates whose current agreements expire at various times this year and into early next year.
And babies make three extra
The ABC affiliate body has grown by three. Leslee Sherrill, ABC News’ liaison with the network’s affillates, and her husband, Steve Talt, became the parents of two girls, Thayer and Peyton, and a boy, Stephen, in February. The triplets were very early. They are well, having graduated to intermediate care. And they are sleeping a lot, which Mom and Dad won’t be able to do once the babies come home.