Magid: 30% of Promos Send Viewers Running

Jun 9, 2003  •  Post A Comment

Promotions aired on affiliate stations are the most effective means of driving viewers to a newscast, yet many are undermining audience trust. This was the conclusion of a Frank N. Magid Associates study released at the three-day Promax & BDA conference last week.
According to the nationwide study of 2,200 television viewers, 53% were motivated to watch a newscast after seeing a promotional ad on an affiliate station. That percentage decreased when compared to ads found on cable television (40%), radio (40%) and outdoor billboards (16%).
More strikingly, 30% of respondents said the promotional spot motivated them to not watch the newscast.
“If you look at the numbers of people who aren’t motivated or are turned away, the numbers are extraordinarily high,” said Brent Magid, CEO of Frank N. Magid Associates. “And if you have stations spending hundreds of thousands on airtime alone, and [the ads] actually benefit your competition, that’s troubling.”
Station ads that routinely exaggerate upcoming stories were an oft-cited reason for negative viewer response.
“People are turned off by what they see as over-hyping,” Magid said. “Not only does that turn people away from the station, it makes them very skeptical. It’s akin to United Airlines running an ad saying they have sumptuous meals and luxurious seating.”