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Digital Revolution Hits NCTA in Chicago
CNN’s Lou Dobbs moderates a panel Monday at the 52nd Annual Convention & International Exposition of the National Cable & Telecommunications Association, which takes place this week at McCormick Place in Chicago. This year’s event showcases the latest in high-definition television. For a look at some highlights, see Page 18.
A ratings spike?
It certainly isn’t going to make Spike Lee happy, but Viacom plans to rename TNN this week Spike TV, despite the lawsuit Mr. Lee recently filed to stop it. He charges that the new name trades on his image. The former Nashville Network, which became The National Network, will now be known as “the first network for men.” Spike will offer everything from health tips for men to business news to a show about a party crasher. But don’t look for a lot of pro and college sports-network execs have made it clear Spike will not get into bidding wars for rights.
NAB Back to the Future
The National Association of Broadcasters board will meet in Washington this week to decide what to do now that the FCC has made changes in the ownership rules that the NAB vehemently opposed. One benefit might be, however, the return of NBC, CBS and Fox-proponents of deregulation-who quit the group over their differences on the issue. Said Bob Okun, VP, Washington, NBC, “It’s important for the broadcast industry to get these ownership issues behind them and focus on the digital transition and defending against the assault on local advertising by the cable industry.”