Summer Cable Debuts

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MI-5, Sexy spy series about British counterterrorism unit, June 22
ABC Family
Dance Fever, Modern remake, July 13; Perfect Match, Reality dating show, July 27; Tying the Knot: The Wedding of Melissa Joan Hart, six-week reality miniseries, July; Brendan Leonard Show, 19-year-old shares his perspectives, May 26; Switched! Teens trade lives, May 26
Animal Planet
Beverly Hills Vet, Veterinarian makes house calls in L.A., Sept. 2; Animal Cops: Houston, Follows investigators for Houston Humane Society, Aug. 11; Animal Kidding, Reality show on hilarious interactions between kids and animals, July 18
Boy Meets Boy, Reality gay dating series, summer; Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, Gay men make over fashion-challenged straight men, July 15
Cartoon Network
Teen Titans, Teen superheroes battle evil and struggle with adolescence, July 19; Duck Dodgers, Daffy Duck, unfrozen after 351 years, forms a galactic 24th century force with cohort Porky Pig to protect the Earth, Aug. 23; Cyborg 009, New anime series tells the story of a sprinter who is turned into a cyborg to stop a conspiracy, June 30
Comedy Central
I’m With Busey, Comedy-reality series featuring comedian Adam de la Pena and his mentor Gary Busey, June 17; Reno 911! Unscripted spoof of cop reality shows, July 23
Court TV
Masterminds, Lifts the curtain on tricks brilliant criminals use to pull off high-end heists, July 16; Las Vegas CSU, The real-life CSI, a documentary series set in the Las Vegas Crime Scene Unit, Aug. 28
Discovery Channel
Monster House, Spinoff of “Monster Garage” in which participants’ homes become shrines to their passions, June 2; Moments in Time, Re-creates untold moments behind pivotal events in history, July 2
Disney Channel
Stanley’s Great Big Animal Adventure, Explores four different animal habitats, starting July 7
Facing Fame, Ordinary people are transformed into stars in makeover show, July 20; Nearly Famous 2: More Vegas Showgirls, 10-part reality series, June 2; Your 15 Minutes Are Up, Lives of reality show stars, May 28; Hometown Premiere, Stars return to their hometowns for their film premieres, June 11; It’s Good to Be, What stars spend their money on, June 1; Celebrities Uncensored, Candid look at daily lives of stars, June 4; Love Chain, Celebrity mating habits, July 20
Playmakers, Chronicles the characters on a professional football team, Aug. 26
Fine Living
The Perfect Summer Party, Hosting summer get-togethers, June 19; Born American, Successful U.S. products, June 19; Best of Less, Getting top-quality products for less money, June 19; Fantasy Camp, Profiles fantasy camps for adults, June 19; Simply Wine, Wine show by Andrea Immer, Sept. 28
Food Network:
Food Finds, Expands to an hour for six weeks, starting June 17; Boy Meets Grill, Bobby Flay’s outdoor cooking show, May 17; Roker on the Road, Al Roker travels the country to tell stories of people living their culinary dreams, June 17; Trivia Unwrapped, “Unwrapped” spinoff, a Q&A on pop-culture food, Aug. 25; Unwrapped, Expands to a full hour from June 30 to Aug. 18; Into the Fire, Reality show goes behind the scenes of America’s best-known restaurants, July 11
Loaded, Show on top artists, May 5; iMarcha! Music video from alternative Latin bands and artists, May 19
Nip/Tuck, Lives of two plastic surgeons, July 22; The Orlando Jones Show, Comedy-driven variety series, June 16
Game Show Network
Chuck Woolery: Naturally Stoned, A behind-the-scenes look at filming the second season of GSN show “Lingo,” which Mr. Woolery hosts, June 15; National Lampoon’s Funny Money, A comedy game show hosted by Jimmy Pardo
Sex and the City, Final season starts June 22; Carnivale, Chronicles traveling carnival in the 1930s, September; K Street, New show on Washington politics, September
History Channel
Tactical to Practical, Showcases everyday things that have their origins in military history, Sept. 9; History Now, Ongoing special series that gives historical context to contemporary issues. Airs when appropriate; Come Home Alive, Stories of international acts of aggression against Americans, Sept. 6
Divine Designs, Interior designers redesign different spaces, June 30
1-800 Missing, FBI agent and her psychic partner locate missing people, August; Wild Card, Former blackjack dealer cares for her sister’s kids, August; Head 2 Toe, Reality makeover show, July 26
Surf Girls, Reality surfing show, May 12; Doggy Fizzle Televizzle, Weekly variety show starring Snoop Dogg, June 22; Who’s Got Game? Twelve street basketball players compete in New York, June 22; The New Tom Green Show, Late-night variety show, June 23; Morning After, True confessions of blind daters after they first meet, July 14; Burned, Women expose men’s bad behavior, July 21
National Geographic Channel
Dangerous Jobs, People in hazardous occupations, July 2; Doctors Without Borders: Life in the Field, A documentary series on doctors in troubled countries, July 13
My Life as a Teenage Robot, Animated show on a superpowered and supersensitive robot, Aug. 1; Are You All That? Nickelodeon’s search for the funniest kid in America, June 30; the winner will be announced July 26
Can You Tell? Reality game show, June 16; Hey Monie, Animated comedy, June 1
Out of Order, Scenes from a modern troubled marriage, June 2; Dead Like Me, Young woman embarks on afterlife, June 27; Free For All, Based on cult comic strip, July 11
Another World, SoapNet’s first non-ABC soap, July 1
Style Court, Dispenses fashion verdicts and judgments, Aug. 4; Clean House, Reality lifestyle home makeover show, late July; The Wedding Planner, Reality show on wedding planners, Aug. 26; Modern Girl’s Guide to Life, Tips for busy women, June 16
Sundance Channel
Network airs a gay-themed feature, a documentary or a short each day during June to celebrate Gay Pride Month.
August festival celebrates Hollywood’s biggest classic movie stars, with 24 hours a day devoted to a particular star’s movies.
Three new anime series for its late-night Anime Unleashed Block: The SoulTaker, June 24, Gate Keepers, July 16, Boogiepop Phantom, July 28; Unscrewed With Martin Sargent, Showcases the funny, sexy and strange sides of technology, May 26
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Expert advice on moving, buying and selling a home, July 7; Date Patrol, Love-life makeover show, Sept. 20; Trading Spaces: Family, “Trading Spaces” spinoff involves family members, July 6; Resident Life, Reality show on medical residents, Sept. 8
June is Uncensored Comedy Month.
TV Land
I Dream of Jeannie, June 2
USA Network
Monk, Returns for a second season, June 20; Peacemakers, Police investigation on the Western frontier, July 30
Pop Up Culture, Pop culture history filled with factoids, June 15