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Family Members in the Company: Charles Dolan, 76, founder (1973), director since 1985; James Dolan, 48, director since 1985, CEO since 1995; Patrick Dolan, 51, director since 1991, executive VP and chief information officer since October 2000
Dolan Family Stock Holdings: Family members’ voting power, all classes of stock combined-Charles Dolan-41.0%; Helen Dolan (wife of Charles Dolan)-6.8%; Charles Dolan 2001 Family Trust-6.7%; James Dolan-2.4%; Thomas Dolan-2.2%; Patrick Dolan-2.2%
Other Dolan Family Members Who Hold Stock: Paul Dolan, Chardon, Ohio; Kathleen Dolan, Bethpage, N.Y.; Mary S. Dolan, Chicago; Deborah Dolan-Sweeney, Bethpage, N.Y.; Matthew Dolan, Chardon, Ohio; Marianne Dolan Weber, Bethpage, N.Y.; Lawrence Dolan, Chardon, Ohio; Dolan Family LLC, Woodbury, N.Y.
Source: CVC proxy statement 2003