Larry Divney

Jan 19, 2004  •  Post A Comment

President and CEO, Comedy Central
“Back in 1970 I was working with Bob King at Blair Radio doing spot sales. Roger was at another company, and we all became friends. In fact, Roger and I were each other’s best man at our first weddings. On weekends I’d go with Bob and Roger and their brothers Mike and Richie to see motorcycle races in the Poconos. In those days Roger was not the gambler he is today, where he’s what the big casinos call a `whale.’ Roger is passionate about two things: gambling and TV syndication. He’s good at one of them.
“At one point Roger was living on 33rd Street [in Manhattan] and I was living in the 80s. He was between jobs, and he called and wanted to go out, but he only had two nickels to his name. He walked the 50 blocks to my place. I loaned him $20. I’ve never gotten it back. But a few years ago I was watching `60 Minutes’ and they were doing a segment about NATPE and there was Roger walking down the aisles of the floor, the absolute top dog at the show. I couldn’t stop smiling.”