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Jul 14, 2004  •  Post A Comment

‘Survivor II’ to cast off with younger group

A pair of cyberjournalists claim to have receive leaks on the identities of the 16 contestants on “Survivor II: The Australian Outback,” which begins airing on CBS on Jan. 28. Author Peter Lance, who wrote “The Sting Ray: Lethal Tactics of the Sole Survivor” and operates thestingray.net, and Tim Gilman, webmaster of Survivornews.net, posted bios of the newest contestants over the weekend.

Both Web sites, supplying the bios to Entertainment Weekly, reported that the participants have been divided into two tribes: the Kucha and the Ogakor, which are the aboriginal words for kangaroo and crocodile, respectively. Mr. Lance claims a crew member on the show, known as “Deep Kangaroo,” supplied the unofficial information on “Survivor II” contestants. The sequel has a cast that appears younger and more unattached when compared with the castaways from the original “Survivor.”

The unofficial list of “Survivor II” castaways: Rodger Bingham, a married, middle-aged industrial arts teacher from Crittenden, Ky.; Amber Brkick, 22, a former cheerleader and graduate of Westminster College in New Wilmington, Pa.; Nick Brown, 25, occupation unknown, from Steilacoom, Wash.; Alicia Calaway, age unknown, a personal trainer from Fairfield, Conn., described as a “knockout”; Colby Donaldson, a 20-something single man who recently won a duathlon/10K run, from San Angelo, Texas; Debb Eaton, who is believed to be connected to a correctional facility in Berlin, N.H., from Milan, N.H.; Keith Famie, 40, a single chef and restaurant owner from West Bloomfield, Mich.; Elisabeth Filarski, 23, a recent Boston College graduate whose boyfriend was quarterback of the BC football team; Kel Gleason, age unknown, single, from New Brunswick, Canada; Maralyn Hershey, 51, a former Washington cop, from Bowie, Md.; Kimmi Kappenberg, 28, a single free-lance TV commercial producer, from Long Island, N.Y.; Jerri Manthey, 30, a bartender/actress, from Los Angeles; Mitchell Olson, 23, a self-professed professional game-show contestant who has appeared on “The Price Is Right,” from Burbank, S.D.; Michael Skupian, age unknown, married with two children, from Pontiac, Mich.; Jeff Varner, a 30-something single Internet professional, from New York; and Tina Wesson, a 30-something stay-at-home mother of two children, from Knoxville, Tenn.

CBS would neither confirm nor deny the report. Production on “Survivor II” wrapped on Dec. 3.

Downey pleads not guilty: Robert Downey Jr. pleaded innocent today to new drug charges stemming from his Thanksgiving weekend arrest at a resort. Mr. Downey, 35, who was arrested only four months after being released from prison in another drug case, entered innocent pleas to felony possession of cocaine and felony possession of the tranquilizer diazepam, each punishable by up to three years in state prison. The actor, nominated last week for a Golden Globe for his recurring role on “Ally McBeal,” also pleaded innocent to a misdemeanor charge of being under the influence of a controlled substance, which carries a maximum one-year jail sentence.

Steeplechase vaults to EyeScene merger: Los Angeles-based Steeplechase Media and Israel’s EyeScene will merge into a single entity to provide services for interactive television content providers and distributors. Contracted by Microsoft and Big Ticket Television (now part of Paramount TV), Steeplechase provided the interactive version of the “Judge Judy” television show for WebTV owners and cable subscribers with set-top boxes using the Liberate Technologies operating system.#


Court TV acquired the rights to the eight two-hour “Rockford Files” TV movies starring James Garner. The movies will run at 9 p.m. (ET) Fridays starting Jan. 5.#


Pete Scanlon to vice president, sales and analysis planning, Univision, Los Angeles, from vice president of prime-time sales proposals, ABC Television.#

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