From the RNC … It’s ‘Monday Night Live’

Aug 31, 2004  •  Post A Comment

The spoof of “Saturday Night Live’s” opening credits with which Republican National Committee Chairman Ed Gillespie opened his party’s national convention proceedings Monday night provoked much appreciative applause in Madison Square Garden and positive reviews in the coverage of the convention.

Among “SNL” insiders, it produced mild shock, to say the least, because “SNL” had no idea its taxi-driving, sax-driven credits had been so faithfully rendered with pictures of such Republican icons as first lady Laura Bush.

“We were surprised to see it,” a spokesman for “SNL” said Tuesday.

Attempts to reach GOP spokespeople for response at the Garden were unsuccessful because the lines were busy.

Though Darryl Hammond has been booked to entertain at a Wednesday party for Arizona Sen. John McCain, “SNL” maintains it is a nonpartisan show, liberally heaping abuse on both left-wing and right-wing politicians.

It appeared Tuesday that “SNL” and network insiders had written off the Republicans’ appropriation of the show’s credits as falling within the bounds of parody and were not planning to make any sort of official response or seek any redress.

And by the time “SNL” opens its 30th season Oct. 2, the Republicans’ appropriation of the signature segment most likely will be forgotten.