Latino Media Group Grades Networks on Diversity

Nov 18, 2004  •  Post A Comment

The National Latino Media Council on Thursday released its fifth annual report card, grading ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox on their performance in promoting diversity at their networks. Overall, NLMC gave both ABC and Fox B grades, CBS a C+ and NBC a grade of C.

The report included grades in terms of Latino diversity among actors in both regular and recurring roles. It also graded the networks’ performance in developing diversity for directors, writers and producers, entertainment executives, program development, procurement, overall network commitment to diversity and, for the first time, diversity in unscripted shows.

ABC got an A+ for on-air prime-time actors in series regular roles and for prime-time writers and producers. CBS got an A+ for prime-time actors in recurring roles, and Fox got an A+ for prime-time directors. The only F grade went to NBC, for casts on reality shows. NBC also got the only D grade, for Latino diversity in terms of entertainment executives. CBS got an “incomplete” because it would declined to release information concerning procurement.

“With a population of 13.6 percent and a purchasing power of $666 billion a year, the effort at the networks to be inclusive seems to illustrate an understanding of the importance of the Latino community,” said Esteban Torres, chair of the NLMC. “Unfortunately, this apparent understanding has yet to manifest itself in their overall diversity numbers. We thank all four networks for their continued commitment to the diversity initiatives, but we will expect improved performance in the next reporting period. The overall grades for all four networks are encouraging, but performance is still very incremental.”