Nielsen, NBC Universal Sign Seven-Year Deal

Nov 18, 2004  •  Post A Comment

Nielsen Media Research and NBC Universal announced Thursday that they have signed a seven-year “landmark” deal that is the first to include effectively all of a company’s TV platforms-a display of NBC Universal synergy and collectivism that was months in the making. The Nielsen deal includes almost all of the TV businesses owned by NBC Universal: local stations and Spanish-language Telemundo properties and all the company’s cable and broadcast networks. Only Trio, which with only slightly more than 20 million subscribers does not yet rate Nielsen coverage, is not covered by the new deal.

“With NBC’s expanded portfolio of broadcast and cable properties, we wanted to ensure a consistent standard of research throughout all of our business units. This agreement accomplishes that goal,” said Alan Wurtzel, president of research and media development for NBC Universal.

“We are delighted that Nielsen was able to respond to NBC’s need for a more holistic approach to their businesses,” said Susan Whiting, president and CEO of Nielsen Media Research. “Highly diversified media companies require comprehensive access to a broad spectrum of audience research information. Limitations on how individual business units may use vital information can impede growth.”

NBC has agreed to implement Nielsen’s digital encoding system to be used in Nielsen’s new active/passive metering system, which is scheduled to be introduced in 2005. In sample homes, the A/P Meter will identify programs, stations and networks from electronic codes embedded in programs at the distribution source.