SBC, Yahoo! Deepen Their Relationship

Nov 18, 2004  •  Post A Comment

SBC Communications and Web portal company Yahoo! on Thursday extended their three-year-old partnership and agreed to work together on delivering entertainment-related services to a raft of consumer electronics devices, including mobile phones, televisions and digital video recorders.

As part of the pact, Yahoo will enable SBC customers to access entertainment and communications content from a variety of devices using a Yahoo Web portal, enabling customers to do such things as access DVRs from mobile phones and retrieve voice and data messages from their TVs.

The restructured alliance comes as SBC gears up to spend more than $4 billion deploying fiber-wire technology to around 18 million households over the next three years as part of its plan to introduce video. The video push comes as cable operators steal the Regional Bell Operating Companies’ market share with cable-based high-speed data and telephony services.

Plans call for Yahoo!’s software to be included in the new set-top boxes being built for SBC’s video service and included in mobile phones sold by Cingular Wireless, the cellular service 60 percent controlled by SBC. The new services should be available Jan. 1.