Syndicated Strip Showrunners: Amy Rosenblum

Dec 6, 2004  •  Post A Comment

“Home Delivery” was just what “Maury” executive producer was looking for when it arrived on her doorstep.

She had worked in single-topic daytime television for 14 years. She was at “Sally Jessy Raphael” for seven years before joining “Maury,” which she led for seven years until the “Delivery” opportunity came along.

“For the past two years I wanted to try something else, never wanting to walk away from `Maury,”‘ she said. “I love daytime and wanted to stay in daytime drama.”

She was offered “Delivery” executive producer duties by Steve Rosenberg, former president of Universal Domestic Television, which syndicated “Maury” before NBC acquired Vivendi Universal’s U.S. entertainment assets earlier this year. Universal developed “Home Delivery” and sold it to the Tribune stations. (“Home Delivery” and “Maury” are now distributed by NBC Universal Domestic Television Distribution.)

Even though she was coming in during what she called “the third act” of the show’s development, she was up for it. “I never say no to anything,” Ms. Rosenblum said.

NBCU describes “Home Delivery” as part talk, part makeover and part reality. The show features four traveling hosts who find people across the country with unique stories. The hosts then bring the people life resources that normally would be out of their reach.

“What it’s about is being real life changes. It’s not the prize patrol,” Ms. Rosenblum said. “It’s daytime and relationships and caring about people changing their lives.”

Ms. Rosenblum pulled off production of both shows in part by relying on “Maury” co-executive producers Marc Victor and Paul Faulhaber. Both men were named to the additional position of co-executive producer at “Home Delivery.” So all three producers have worked on both shows this season.

NBC Universal canceled “Home Delivery” last month, but said original episodes will run in the February sweeps. A mix of originals and repeats are slated to fill out the remainder of the season.

Production on “Delivery” was set up a block away from the New York studio where “Maury” is shot, and Ms. Rosenblum worked often this season on her BlackBerry-and on little sleep. “I am like a crazy type of personality,” she said. “I don’t get tired.”

She’s also proud of what she does for a living. “I’m not ashamed of being a daytime producer,” she said. “I love it.”