The Rosenblum Effect

Dec 6, 2004  •  Post A Comment

NBC Universal synergy has produced yet another assignment for Amy Rosenblum, who already has two NBC Universal Domestic Television day jobs-as executive producer of both “Maury,” which is having a good seventh season in syndication, and “Home Delivery,” which is producing enough originals to see itself through the February sweeps but which we already know will not see a second season.

She’s now also a consultant to NBC News’ “Today” show. Ms. Rosenblum, a former CBS News producer, will work with producers on the morning show to develop segment ideas that can jazz up the No. 1 morning show.

The Insider hears that the Rosenblum-“Today” match, announced internally last week, was made by NBC Universal Television Group President (and former “Today” executive producer) Jeffrey Zucker. He is said to have become a fan of the energetic Ms. Rosenblum during the “Delivery” process.

Of course you know that Ms. Rosenblum is married to Ted Savaglio, a former executive producer of CBS News’ morning show who was executive director of the late Voter News Service and now oversees news elements on MSNBC’s prime-time lineup. You didn’t know? Alrighty then. The Insider’s existence is justified for yet another week.

Gen-Next Coming Up ‘Roses’?

The Insider hears that Regency Television and 20th Century Fox Television are talking about developing a series inspired by “The Children of the Roses,” Warren Adler’s sequel to “The War of the Roses.” The latter, of course, was the dark comedy about Oliver and Barbara Rose (played in the 1989 big-screen hit by Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner) and their deadly divorce. “Children” focuses on the next two damaged and dysfunctional generations. Stay tuned.

Rednecks and Blue Jokes

At the taping last week of the Jeff Foxworthy roast, scheduled to be telecast by Comedy Central in March, it was the material delivered by blue state comics that won the night built around Mr. Foxworthy and his “Blue Collar Comedy Tour” sidekicks. Of course, the material was so blue The Insider can’t repeat most of the best stuff here. Suffice to say that Lisa Lampanelli, who bills herself as comedy’s lovable queen of mean and who was the only woman in the lineup, will not be invited to do warm-up for “The View.” Greg Giraldo, whose prime-time track record is no laughing matter, will not be invited to compete on “The Apprentice.” Colin Quinn, the “Tough Crowd” host whose recent cancellation by Comedy Central was the subject of many jokes, is never funnier than when he’s struggling. And those who see Anna Nicole Smith’s videotaped rendering of what she calls “the redneck anthem,” “100 Bottles of Beer on the Wall,” forever after will know how to distinguish between when she’s falling-down funny and when she’s falling down for other reasons.