Comcast Service Delivers Hot Leads

Jan 10, 2005  •  Post A Comment

By Sharon Edry

Special to TelevisionWeek

Eight months ago, Comcast’s Phil Paligraf and his team contacted Tony Grego, president of Budget Car Sales in Indianapolis, about signing on to test-market the cable company’s new Vehix.com program, which generates leads from subscribers for Comcast clients.

Subscribers see promotions for the site on Comcast channels, then log on to research automobiles and request more information from Comcast-affiliated car dealerships in the area.

“To be frank, I thought that there are a lot of services that do this, and it would be a duplicate of Autotrader .com or Cars.com,” Mr. Grego said. “But Vehix.com has already gotten me higher-quality leads. It’s a more nailed-down buyer, someone who is in the market right now.”

Mr. Grego said he likes that the vast array of channels promoting the service means his leads come from a variety of backgrounds. “Another TV station here in the area is pitching me a similar deal, but they only promote it through one channel,” he said.

Since July, the association with Vehix has generated about five vehicle sales per month, more than 3 percent of the 150 cars Mr. Grego said he typically sells monthly at retail.

“I was honored that they included Budget as their test market and am extremely satisfied with the results,” he said.