DGA Announces 2004 Nominees for Directorial Achievement

Jan 12, 2005  •  Post A Comment

Directors Guild of America President Michael Apted and Awards Committee Chairperson Howard Storm today announced the DGA’s nominees for Outstanding Directorial Achievement for 2004 in the television categories of dramatic series night, comedy series, musical variety, daytime serial and children’s programs.

Nominees in the five categories represent a nearly even split among newcomers and veterans for long-running shows as well as rookie programming.

Perhaps the biggest story from the announcement is the nomination of J.J. Abrams in the dramatic series category, for his direction of the “Lost” pilot. Mr. Abrams, also the show’s creator, continues an upward climb in the industry with his first career DGA nomination coming on the same day as Universal Pictures announced Abrams’ attachment to direct the studio’s drama “The Good Sailor.”

Industry veteran Walter Hill scored a nomination in the same category for the “Deadwood” pilot with John Patterson and Tim Van Patten nabbing nominations for “The Sopranos” episodes–“All Due Respect” and “Long Term Parking,” respectively. Christopher Chulack rounds out the category with his nomination for the ER episode “Time of Death.”

HBO and ABC also dominated in the comedy series category. Directors Bryan Gordon and Robert B. Weide nabbed nominations for separate episodes of “Curb Your Enthusiasm”–“The 5 Wood” and “The Carpool Lane,” respectively. And Arlene Sanford and Charles McDougall received nominations for episodes of “Desperate Housewives”–“Pretty Little Picture” and the series pilot, respectively. In the final entry of that category, “Sex and the City” director Tim Van Patten scored his second nomination of the year for the episode “An American Girl in Paris: Part Deux.”

Today’s announcement comes a day after the DGA announced nominees for Outstanding Achievement in Movies for Television. All winners will be announced at the 57th Annual DGA Awards Dinner on Jan. 29 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles.

The following is a full listing of the nominees in the categories announced today:

Dramatic Series Night

J.J. Abrams, Lost, “Pilot Part 1” (ABC)

Christopher Chulack, ER, “Time of Death” (NBC)

Walter Hill, Deadwood, “Pilot” (HBO)

John Patterson, The Sopranos, “All Due Respect” (HBO)

Tim Van Patten, The Sopranos, “Long Term Parking” (HBO)

Comedy Series

Bryan Gordon, Curb Your Enthusiasm, “The 5 Wood” (HBO)

Charles McDougall, Desperate Housewives, “Pilot” (ABC)

Arlene Sanford, Desperate Housewives, “Pretty Little Picture” (ABC)

Tim Van Patten, Sex and the City, “An American Girl in Paris: Part Deux” (HBO)

Robert B. Weide, Curb Your Enthusiasm, “The Carpool Lane” (HBO)

Musical Variety

Ron de Moraes, Great Performances, “Eric Clapton: Crossroads Guitar Festival (PBS)

Jerry Foley, Late Show with David Letterman, “Episode #2187” (CBS)

Bruce Gowers, “Genius: A Night for Ray Charles” (CBS)

Louis J. Horvitz, “The 76th Annual Academy Awards” (ABC)

Chuck O’Neil, “The Daily Show with John Stewart” (Comedy Central)

Daytime Serials

Bruce Barry, Guiding Light, “Episode #14,321” (CBS)

Joseph Behar, General Hospital, “Episode #10,461” (ABC)

Christopher Goutman, As the World Turns, “Episode #12,166” (CBS)

Brian Mertes & Matt Lagle, Guiding Light, “Episode #14,322” (CBS)

Conal O’Brien, All My Children, “Episode #8,768” (ABC)

Children’s Programs

Duwayne Dunham, “Tiger Cruise” (Disney Channel)

Stuart Gillard, “Going to the Mat” (Disney Channel)

Paul Hoen, “Searching for David’s Heart” (ABC Family)

Jeremy Kagan, “Crown Heights” (Showtime)

Lee Rose, “Jack” (Showtime)