FCC Chairman Powell Resigns

Jan 21, 2005  •  Post A Comment

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Michael Powell announced his resignation Friday, saying in a prepared statement that he intends to leave the post sometime in March.

Despite longstanding speculation that Mr. Powell, 41, son of departing Secretary of State Colin Powell, might leave the FCC, there was no expectation that he would leave so soon after President Bush’s second-term inauguration.

Washington sources say there was no push from the Bush administration for Mr. Powell’s resignation. Instead, they say, it is more likely that Mr. Powell, a Republican who was appointed to the FCC in 1977 by President Clinton and named chairman by President Bush in 2001, simply has grown tired of the constant fray.

While indecency has become the highest-profile issue of his three years as chairman, his deregulatory approach to such issues as ownership caps are likely to have the longest-lasting effect on the media industry.