Nielsen Releases College Viewership Report

Mar 15, 2005  •  Post A Comment

Early data from Nielsen Media Research’s Extended Home Study indicates that college students (with an average age of 20 in the October 2004 test sample) watch an average of 221 minutes of TV per day in their college residences, with both female and male participants’ viewing highest in late prime and late-night hours.

The data gathered in October also shows that ad-supported cable programming represented 60.1 percent of college viewing in the sample, while 34.1 percent was of broadcast programming.

The Extended Home report was presented Tuesday to the 300-plus people attending Nielsen’s biannual client meeting in Miami.

Second homes also are included in the study. Data from the sample showed that those viewers tended to be older (average age 60) and to watch far less TV than did the participants in college locations.

Information about the cost and timetables of Extended Home measurement will come, Nielsen said. The meeting concludes Thursday.