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The rehab of the press workspace and briefing room in the White House isn’t the only restructuring being done this year at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

This week also brings changes in the White House liaison setup for TV news organizations. Pam Stevens, who has been assistant press secretary and TV liaison since December 2003, now reports to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice as senior adviser.

Catherine Martin was named deputy assistant to the president and deputy communications director for policy and planning the same week that her husband, Kevin Martin, was named chairman of the Federal Communications Commission. But of course, you already knew that.

Now The Insider hears that Nicolle Devenish, the new White House communications director inevitably described as “stylish,” is streamlining the TV liaison process.

Ms. Martin is expected to handle big (as in really big) TV interviews and serve as point person for the Sunday newsmaker shows. The day-to-day TV contact and point person for interviews with the not-so-big-britches types will be Katie Levinson, who handled TV bookings for the second Bush inauguration and was a spokesperson for the Republican National Committee. She’ll be situated at the Old Executive Office Building.

Ms. Martin is less well known to The Insider’s D.C. contacts than Ms. Levinson. The latter has “good relations with everyone. Katie is well liked,” said one D.C. source.

Press-to-Change-O II

Rick Sanchez, best known lately for having done the I’m-a-TV-reporter-so-I’m-going-to-volunteer-to-be-shocked-by-a-Taser-on-TV bit that provided much comic fodder for Jon Stewart on “The Daily Show,” is coming off the CNN daytime anchor desk to become a New York-based reporter assigned primarily to “Anderson Cooper 360.”

The Insider hears that Daryn Kagan is not likely to get a co-anchor to replace Mr. Sanchez, whose previous rotation to the Big Apple was for his short stint as an MSNBC anchor, which was followed by a short stint at NBC-owned WTVJ-TV in Miami. He joined CNN’s daytime lineup in July 2004.

The Insider is starting a pool on how long this new assignment-which apparently will put him in the same on-air group with Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Heidi Collins and Rudi Bakhtiar-will last.

The Insider-who really has nothing better to do with all her spare time-also is wondering just what Ms. Kagan will do with all that spare anchor desktop space when Mr. Sanchez is not sitting next to her with his hands planted yards apart.