GSN’s ‘Anything to Win’ Moved to 2006

Jul 21, 2005  •  Post A Comment

GSN has moved the airdate for “Anything to Win,” its first documentary series, from August 2005 until the first quarter of 2006.

The network said more research was needed than previously thought into the 13-episode series, which tells the stories of individuals’ efforts to win at all costs, including the well-documented group of MIT students who won millions at blackjack by devising an elaborate card counting system; Rosie Ruiz, who was stripped of her 1980 Boston Marathon title on suspicion of cheating; and a group of people who allegedly fixed the Pennsylvania Lottery by weighting ping-pong balls.

The original airdate was Aug. 14, but given that many of the events chronicled occurred back in the 1980s, more extensive research was needed, said GSN spokeswoman Cindy Ronzoni. “Some people want to talk and some do not,” she said. “If they don’t you have to find another credible witness.”

The production team plans to have all but a few of the 13 episodes in the can by the time the series launches early next year.