The Geek Shall Inherit …

Jul 11, 2005  •  Post A Comment

Richard “Never Kissed a Girl” Rubin has gone Hollywood.

The New Jersey native, whose extreme geek antics on The WB’s “Beauty and the Geek” made him the breakout character of the summer TV season, has tapped his savings and moved to Tinseltown to try to extend his 15 minutes of fame.

He is not quite following in the footsteps of his brother Tom Rubin, 37, the former business and legal affairs executive at UPN who is now counsel to Reder & Feig in Beverly Hills. Tom Rubin’s day job is entertainment lawyer, but he calls stand-up comedy “my nighttime thing.” He was expecting to appear at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood last Tuesday when The Insider talked to him.

Richard Rubin, 21, began “Beauty and the Geek” as an unkissed recent college grad and double-major whiz kid. He ended the “social experiment” dreamed up by Ashton Kutcher and Jason Goldberg having been kissed three times by some of the beautiful babes in need of book smarts who shared a mansion with Mr. Rubin and six other male brainiacs in need of hip help.

He didn’t get the make-out session promised by his pretty, patient partner Mindi Emanuel-or the $250,000-because they lost the second tie-breaker round to Caitilin Stoller and Chuck Munyon, the medical student with whom Richard waged the most rollicking feud since Krystle and Alexis duked it out on “Dynasty.”

“Hopefully, someday I’ll soon be eating ground Chuck,” Richard vowed to The Insider in a telephone chat that took place after Wednesday’s “Beauty and the Geek: The Aftermath” reunion was taped but before last week’s finale aired.

Richard hammed it up convincingly-his Brandeis University credits include a role as a hygienically challenged college student in a film made in 18 hours-but Tom, the oldest of five Rubin sons, said wryly, “I think he stands out more when he’s not in a family situation.”

Chalk that up to Richard’s pants as well as his personality. When the gals were challenged to make over the guys in one episode, Mindi forced him to wear jeans. “I do not like jeans. I hate jeans. I have nothing good to say about jeans,” said Richard, whose sartorial signature is pleated pants (in three colors, from the Wal-Mart kids department) and carry-all pockets. The pockets are stuffed with everything he may need for the day (from “six tissues every morning” to a wallet so overstuffed that some people say it rivals George Costanza’s) plus whatever he may pick up along the way.

“The problem is I don’t throw anything away,” Richard confessed. “Whatever comes to me, it just goes in my pockets.”

“I don’t know that I would want to be nationally known as a geek,” said Tom. “Richard has embraced it.”

Indeed, Richard, who said “Beauty and the Geek” “was cut fairly and honestly,” said, “I’m actually worse in real life.”