Page Makes Splash at CES With Google Video Store

Jan 6, 2006  •  Post A Comment

Google founder Larry Page introduced during the Consumer Electronics Show Friday afternoon the company’s new Google Video Store at video.google.com, featuring video from 40 content companies, including CBS and the National Basketball Association.

The service was supposed to go live during Mr. Page’s address, but a delay quashed that plan. The service was poised to go live late Friday afternoon.

The Google Video Store lets consumers download content to own or rent content for 24 hours. Content owners can also decide the level of content protection they want their video to have.

CBS is offering the most recent season of “Survivor” for $1.99 on a download-to-own basis, and will also offer classic TV shows such as “The Brady Bunch,” “I Love Lucy,” “Star Trek Voyager” and others for the same price. In addition, CBS will offer $1.99 rentals for current episodes of “NCIS,” “CSI” and “Amazing Race” one day after they air. Google Video Store will also offer all NBA games, including playoffs and finals, on a download-to-own basis for $3.95, 24 hours after they are played.

The video store marks the formalization of the Google Video strategy that the company outlined broadly last fall. It’s also the company’s next step, and a big change from the way Google first approached the TV space at the start of last year, when it stumbled by failing to obtain permission from some video content owners .

Over the last year, the company has refined its video strategy to work more closely with content owners to protect and monetize their content online.