TitanTV Raises Video Bar

Mar 20, 2006  •  Post A Comment

Teams With Stations to Facilitate Content Distribution via Web

Another entrant in the world of Internet digital video recorders is Decisionmark’s TitanTV, a service that has deals with TV stations around the country to provide TV listings online.

TitanTV is using that listing capability as the backbone for an Internet DVR service that allows a consumer with a Media Center PC or a TV tuner card in a computer to use the service as a DVR, scheduling recordings for any TV programming and essentially allowing a computer to receive the same programming that a traditional TV set would receive. The programs can then be played back on the computer or on a TV monitor connected to the computer.

About 650,000 consumers currently use TitanTV, said Jack Perry, CEO of Decisionmark.

“Most people, when they look at TitanTV they think of it as an [electronic program guide]. But really the magic of TitanTV is every time you fire up TitanTV, it makes a connection with each local broadcaster [in your area] that can reach you to get real-time program listings,” he said.

Mr. Perry wants to expand that capability so local broadcasters can turn their Web sites into local content outlets similar to iTunes, letting consumers download shows from the broadcaster and essentially extending the broadcaster’s over-the-air infrastructure to the Web. Decisionmark is currently testing that capability with Capitol Broadcasting-owned CBS affiliate WRAL-TV in Raleigh, N.C.

TitanTV is also experimenting with incorporating advertising into its online program guide so ads can be targeted to different shows listed in the guide. Decisionmark has worked with Carat client Re/Max to sponsor home-, building- and moving-related shows, and with Carat Clients Papa John’s and Chase.