Woodruff Moved to Private Facility in New York

Mar 16, 2006  •  Post A Comment

ABC News President David Westin in an e-mail informed ABC News staffers that Mr. Woodruff has been moved to a private facility in New York to continue his recovery from severe injuries suffered in a roadside blast while on assignment in Iraq in January and that “World New Tonight” co-anchor Elizabeth Vargas and the production team will continue to hold down the fort while Bob makes his recovery.

Mr. Westin, who is scheduled to be on vacation next week, said in the e-mail that Mr. Woodruff has checked out of the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Md., and is expected to spend “the next few weeks” at the New York facility before heading for home and outpatient rehabilitation. Cameraman Doug Vogt also was injured on the same assignment Jan. 29 and were treated at Bethesda. Mr. Vogt recently returned to his home in France.

“This good news reflects Bob’s continued progress in all respects,” said Mr. Westin, who added that Mr. Woodruff “is up and about, regularly talking and joking with [wife] Lee, the children, other family members and — yes, watching the news. He continues to show just how strong and determined he is. That said, we should expect months of further recuperation.

“Throughout these challenging times, the staff of WNT has done a superb job in maintaining a successful program of which we all are proud,” Mr. Westin said. “We laid out ambitious plans for the broadcast earlier in the year, and we are working on ways to move that plan forward during this interim period. Having the best team in the business, I’m thankful we can take the time we need to do what’s best for ‘WNT.'”

Mr. Westin said that what’s best for Mr. Woodruff is privacy and the chance to concentrate on himself and his family. “If there are major developments, I know that Bob and Lee will keep us posted. But for the most part, let’s leave them alone and give them the chance to be a family again. Let them tell us when they want us to reach out.”