NFL Network Plans More ‘Making the Squad’ Installments

May 15, 2006  •  Post A Comment

The NFL Network is planning two more three-part installments of its “Making the Squad” reality show focusing on pro football cheerleading squads.

“The Buccaneers Cheerleaders: Making the Squad” will launch June 5 and “The Chargers Cheerleaders: Making the Squad” will begin July 10, the network said Monday. On May 15, NFL Network will rerun its original “Making the Squad,” which last year featured the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders.

The new shows will be available on video-on-demand and on wireless services, signaling the network has joined the rush by television networks to make their programming available beyond traditional TV schedules.

The NFL Network’s video-on-demand service will offer each episode following its appearance on the cable channel’s schedule, plus exclusive vignettes featuring original material. Episodes can also be seen on the Sprint wireless service.

NFL.com will run a preview of each “Making the Squad” episode and post bonus footage from the series.

This fall NFL Network, founded in 2003 and owned by the National Football League and its teams, will produce an in-season competition show featuring members of various NFL squads.