The Boss Is Back

Jun 5, 2006  •  Post A Comment

The return of “The Sopranos” has TV insiders buzzing and critics all but conceding the major awards to HBO’s juggernaut “family” drama as the Emmy nominations draw near. But with the announcements still a month away, TVWeek wanted to take a closer look at what to expect in the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences’ nominees for this year.

So we asked a panel of TV experts to give us their predictions of who will be in and who will be out at this year’s Emmys, and we came up with consensus nominees. Giving us the who, what and why on this year’s likely nominees-along with who deserves a nomination but is likely to be snubbed-are four of the industry’s savviest insiders: Matt Roush, Diane Gordon, Tim Brooks and Ray Solley. We also surveyed TVWeek staff writers and editors for their favorites in each of the major categories.

Keeping in mind that there will always be at least a few surprises-and that it’s impossible to make a truly informed prediction without knowing, for instance, which performances and episodes will be submitted or how vigorous the “For your consideration” campaigns will be-here is TVWeek‘s preview of what to look for when the academy unveils the nominations July 6.