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Jul 31, 2006  •  Post A Comment

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The setup: Perhaps this video had an unfair advantage since nary a canine was built for amusement as the pug. So some dude borrowed his girlfriend’s smush-faced little Samson, sprayed a little lemon Pledge on the hardwoods, and aimed a laser pointer at a handful of plastic bowling pins. Apparently the pug’s been bred to chase light, because this pooch took off and went sliding across the floor and into the pins. Who needs a bowling ball?

The source: The video was first posted on YouTube in April, but was added to Break and Google Video in late July, and views ticked up quickly.

The hits: The clip generated about 500,000 views on Break within three days of being posted, and had attracted about 66,000 views on YouTube and 12,000 on Stupid Videos by July 26. At least three versions of the clip made it onto Google Video.

Video: Bark ‘n’ Bowl