Engaging the 50-Plus Market

Jul 31, 2006  •  Post A Comment

From IAG Research

Part baby boomer, part mature market, our cultural and marketing definitions for American adults who are age 50 and above keep changing.

The gigantic segment is more than 85 million strong. One relevant factor that sets the 50-plus group apart is that they did not grow up with video iPods or the Internet or even cable TV offering dozens of channels. Their early experiences with TV involved manually changing between channels 2 to 13, and terms such as VHF, UHF and “rabbit ears.”

Given that background, how are adults of this age engaging with programming today? To be fair, this is a very heterogeneous cluster of Americans … different races, ethnicities, incomes, etc. Their lifestages vary from those recently turned 50 to others, perhaps the parents of 50-year-olds, who are in their 80s. Nevertheless, the Web is not entirely alien to members of AARP. Each day, IAG Research has nearly 1,000 panelists who fall into this age group taking surveys about programs they viewed the night before.

The table below captures the program engagement scores for those series returning to the fall 2006 schedule on the broadcast networks. We usually limit this to a single program for each network, but we found a few ties this time around. Some programs on the list may surprise you and others may not, but that is the advantage of measuring actual viewer response.