Memo to Meryl Streep: ‘Entourage’ Wants You

Aug 7, 2006  •  Post A Comment

By TVWeek Staff

Meryl Streep, if you’re listening, Doug Ellin would like to talk.

Ms. Streep and Russell Crowe are high on the wish list for cameos on “Entourage,” according to Mr. Ellin, creator and executive producer of the HBO series. The show, set in Hollywood and inspired by the experiences of actor Mark Wahlberg and his entourage of lifelong friends, has featured cameos by numerous Hollywood names, including James Woods, Gary Busey and Seth Green. Martin Landau is scheduled to appear in next Sunday’s episode.

During the first of his weekly debriefings in Showrunner Shop Talk on TVWeek.com, Mr. Ellin discussed cameos, the cast and why the character Vince (Adrian Grenier) didn’t jump into the brawl at the end of Sunday night’s episode.

He also said Kevin Dillon was “terrified” when he read the script for episode 31, “Vegas, Baby, Vegas,” which premiered Sunday night. But Mr. Dillon proved his genius as an actor in the episode, Mr. Ellin said.

He called Mr. Dillon one of the most underrated actors in Hollywood in that he was able to pull off a story arc in which his character, Johnny Drama, unknowingly sent signals to his masseuse that he is gay.