Apple Announces iTunes Movie Downloads

Sep 12, 2006  •  Post A Comment

Confirming weeks of industry speculation, Apple Computer announced Tuesday it will offer theatrical films for download through its iTunes service.

At a media event in San Francisco on Tuesday, Apple CEO Steve Jobs said new movies will cost $12.99 during their first week of release and $14.99 afterward. Library titles will run for $9.99. Mr. Jobs said 75 titles by The Walt Disney Co. and its studio subsidiaries will be available initially from the service, with more studio agreements currently being negotiated.

“In less than one year we’ve grown from offering just five TV shows to offering over 220 TV shows, and we hope to do the same with movies,” Mr. Jobs said in a statement. “ITunes is selling over 1 million videos a week, and we hope to match this with movies in less than a year.”

Downloads will take about 30 minutes with a high-speed connection. Viewers can watch the films on video iPods or on their computers.

Mr. Jobs also previewed a new device called iTV, which promises to provide an electronic bridge from a home computer to a television set. ITV will give viewers a way to download content—such as iTunes movies—to their television without the cumbersome process of burning a DVD. The unit will sell for $299 when it is released next year.

In addition, to bolster flagging iPod sales Apple announced several new players, including a new Nano, Shuffle and full-size iPod. The new iPods will include classic video games such as Pac-Man and Tetris.