Diss and Dat

Oct 23, 2006  •  Post A Comment

Questions for which answers might spoil some of the fun:

Why does Katie Couric start every lede story on her “CBS Evening News” with “Well ….”?

Shouldn’t “Ghost Whisperer” credits include Jennifer Love Hewitt’s wig, eyelash and boob wranglers? Does anyone else get the giggles every time her character, the dead-magnet Melinda, tries to run in those sole-sister platform shoes that are a walking OSHA violation, to say the least?

Could someone get an expression wrangler for Jennifer Finnegan on “Close to Home”? The one she has got old about three weeks into the freshman season last year. And doesn’t David James Elliott cringe when he gets another “Close to Home” script that gives him nothing to do except be grouchy and irrelevant, if not superfluous?

Bummer: Can The Insider say again that the decision to kill off “Supernatural’s” Papa Winchester (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) was a bad, bad, bad, bad, bad idea. What? Recurring status was too good for one of the manliest men on TV?

Bummerer: What do “Veronica Mars” wizards have against the undeniable chemistry that is inevitably conjured up by Veronica (Kristen Bell) and Logan (Jason Dohring)? After bringing them together in the first season and ripping them apart last season, then re-coupling them, the writers clearly are intending to split them up again. Re-enter Logan’s bad-boy behavior. The additional bulk young Mr. Dohring picked up over the summer is performance-enhancing. But Weevil’s once-dapper gangsta look is lost beneath a scruffy ‘do (the cue-ball cut suited Weevil so perfectly), ill-fitting shirts and unexplained new bulk. Did everyone spend all summer in the gym and health-food store?

Bummerest: Jeffrey Sebelia as the “Project Runway” winner? Puh-leeeze!!! When it should have been Uli Herzner or Laura Bennett. Every one of Laura’s after-dark confections and every one of Uli’s flattering and fun resort pieces would sell out at high-end department stores throughout the country. Even at his best, Jeffrey turns out clothes that would appeal to only one out of 10 women. The duds wouldn’t flatter those women, but there are women who want to take fashion advice from a man hopelessly lost in unflattering tattoos and the goth-grunge underground we thought had been forgotten except on retro-riveted VH1. And don’t even get The Insider started again on the botched bowling-shirt of a dress he cruelly turned out for Angela’s mom during the “average woman” challenge. He should not have been around long enough to qualify for the final four.

Would you join The Insider in a snowball-style “Save `Friday Night Lights”‘ campaign? Each of you invites five people to watch this sooooo-easy-to-love series and they in turn invite five people, and so on and so on. Then each viewer writes to NBC to plead with it to relaunch the series as the heartfelt, homespun soap opera it is (think “My So-Called Life” with better-intentioned parents, less self-absorbed teens and a lovely Texas twang) and not the football drama as which it has been miscast.

We must do this again soon.