Teamwork: Toyota’s ’24’ Trailer

Oct 23, 2006  •  Post A Comment

Toyota is looking to make a splash by presenting a two-minute trailer for Fox’s “24” in two big venues this week.

The trailer will appear during Game 3 of the World Series and will also begin appearing on the News Astrovision by Panasonic jumbo screen in New York’s Times Square on Oct. 24. Control of the giant screen was recently acquired by News Corp.

In both sites, the trailer will be preceded by an introduction by “24” star Kiefer Sutherland and followed by a spot for Toyota’s RAV4 small sport utility vehicle.

During the World Series, Fox announcer Joe Buck will tease and introduce the trailer.

The automaker will have an event in Times Square with street teams wearing CTU garb handing out 5,000 portable radios, allowing pedestrians to hear the audio portion of the preview.

Already a World Series advertiser, Toyota added to spots in Game 2 as part of this deal. With spots going for more than $300,000, the automaker likely is spending about $1 million on the deal.

Fox and Toyota have a history of working together on unique projects. Last year, the automaker sponsored the DVD release of “24,” which included a “prequel” that bridged the gap between season four and season five. It also sponsored mobile phone episodes of “Prison Break” earlier this year.

“Toyota and Fox have built a terrific business partnership,” said John Lisko, strategic communications director of Saatchi & Saatchi Los Angeles, Toyota’s ad agency. He complimented Fox Entertainment Group Integrated Sales President Jean Rossi and her team on going the extra mile to find out what’s important to Toyota.

Zenith handles Toyota’s media buying.

The opportunity came quickly. Ms. Rossi called the agency on the night of Oct. 16 and the deal was approved at noon the next day.

The campaign will also contain new media elements. The trailer will be available on the Internet on a special Fox Web site, 24trailer.com, from Oct. 24 through Jan 15. The video will run with a 10-second pre-roll ad for the RAV4.

Similarly, the trailer will be available to users of Sprint mobile phones. Mr. Lisko said that, based on the hundreds of thousands of “Prison Break” streams that were downloaded by Sprint users, “We know there is some significant interest.”

Toyota is pairing “24” with its RAV4 because the vehicle’s campaign has an adventurous tone, featuring a jewel heist.