Most TV Shows Watched Within Three Days on DVRs

Nov 9, 2006  •  Post A Comment

The vast bulk of television shows being watched on digital video recorders are played back within three days of being aired, according to Nielsen Media Research.

The analysis, released Thursday by Nielsen, is based on data that was released to clients earlier this month and doesn’t count viewers who watched shows more than seven days after they aired. Nielsen’s clients-both networks and advertising buyers-are going over the information to figure out when programs and commercial are being watched on DVR.

The results are key to the debate over what delayed viewing of commercials is worth to advertisers. Networks and ad buyers differ over how many days of delayed viewing should be included in the count of viewers used to negotiate ad prices.

In households with DVRs, 78 percent of all viewers who watch recorded broadcast prime-time shows played them back within two days, and 84 percent played them back within three days. Among viewers 18-49, 67 percent of them played back broadcast network prime-time programs within two days.

For ad-supported cable networks, 84 percent of DVR viewers played back shows within two days of when they aired. For syndicated shows, 85 percent watch the programs within two days.

After three days, 84 percent of DVR viewers had watched the broadcast shows. The three-day number hit 90 percent for cable and 91 percent for syndication.