‘South Park’ Conducting HD Tests

Nov 30, 2006  •  Post A Comment

Comedy Central’s animated hit “South Park” is producing some episodes in high definition, a network spokesman confirmed.
At the request of the channel, Los Angeles-based South Park Studios recently produced two episodes of the series in the HD format.
The big question is: Why?
Comedy Central doesn’t have an HD channel, and it’s tough to imagine a show that would benefit less from an HD makeover than a half-hour animated starring cardboard cutouts.
“We asked them to do it to see if it can happen, what would it look like in HD,” Comedy Central spokesman Steve Albani said. “If successful, there’s some ideas our business development guys have about how to use it, but it’s not something we’re willing to discuss at this point.”
Let’s run down the possibilities: Is Comedy Central launching an HD channel?
“Oh no-no-no, nothing like that,” Mr. Albani said.
A “South Park” release on HD-DVD or Blu-ray? Downloaded HD episodes online? A Comcast HD VOD offering?
“I really can’t say,” Mr. Albani said.
This much is known: The “South Park” experiment did not go smoothly.
The HD effort crashed the South Park Studios hard drives and the studio called in a computer recovery service called DriveSavers to recover two months’ worth of work. All the data was salvaged. Comedy Central said it has yet to see the finished product.
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