The Big One

Nov 1, 2006  •  Post A Comment

If there isn’t an awards show for awards shows, there ought to be.
Every cable network seems to have an awards show. They seem to be easy to produce and people tend to tune in.
On Sunday, VH1 will air its fifth annual awards show, this one called the “VH1 Big in ’06 Awards.” The special will be hosted by comedian D.L. Hughley, appearing, for now, in NBC’s “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.”
The VH1 awards, like much of its programming, is about the kinds of lightweight, celebrity-oriented occurrences that create buzz, so it makes sense that the voting is done online by the public. VH1’s version of the year in review includes such topics as “Everyone was either having a baby or acting like one,” “Paris and Nicole made up,” “Mel Gibson gets drunk and his ‘truthiness’ comes out in A Million Little Pieces” and “Mark Foley turns over a new page.”
Categories include Big Entertainer, Big Reality Star, Big TV Star, Big Mama, Big Breakthrough, Big Comeback, Big It Girl, Big Outlaw, Big Power Couple and Big Shocker.
The “VH1 Big in ’06 Awards” is sponsored by Warner Bros. Pictures, L’Oréal Paris, Burger King, Alltel Wireless and Cotton Inc.
The show is executive produced by Lee Rolonitz and Michael Dempsey.
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