‘Ugly Betty’ Mini-Telenovela Added to ABC.com

Nov 28, 2006  •  Post A Comment

ABC added the mini-telenovela that it features each week during its prime-time hit “Ugly Betty” to both ABC.com and to Verizon Wireless’ V CAST service.

The two-to-four minute show, called “Vidas de Fuego,” went online yesterday and will be added to Verizon’s phone video service starting Thursday. Going forward, each new episode will be offered on ABC.com on Thursdays with Verizon getting the episode the following Thursday.

ABC said “Vidas de Fuego” is the first of two mini-telenovelas to be translated into English and offered on ABC.com. ABC has made its Web site a business priority in the last several months and was the first network to offer full-length ad-supported episodes of prime-time shows on its Web site when it started that effort in May.

In a similar vein, Alamo Heights SA Holdings LLC said today that it has debuted a “cybernovela” online, on mobile phones, via podcasts and on some digital cable systems. The show is carried on TV station group LAT TV that reaches five markets in Texas and Arizona, and on popular online sites Brightcove, Guba and Veoh, with additional marketing content on YouTube, Revver, Grouper and MySpace.

The show relies on product placement, rather than traditional commercials, the producers said. The producers have developed 40 episodes of the show at about seven to nine minutes each at a cost of a little more than $1 million.