Viral Video: Bono’s Shame

Nov 20, 2006  •  Post A Comment

TelevisionWeek is trawling video-sharing Web sites to find the hottest clips spreading on the Internet.

The setup: Bank of America’s purchase of MBNA in January generated higher earnings for the banking giant, and that stirred some corporate loyalists to break out in song. Taking a cue from the kumbaya stylings of U2’s “One,” two bankers did a live mash-up of the song, inserting syrupy lyrics of their own. Any irony is, sadly, undetectable.

The source: The clip was taped at a corporate event after the purchase.

The hits: On Yahoo Videos, this clip was the top video on Nov. 15. It spread across the Internet, landing on YouTube and Google Video and scoring tens of thousands of hits.

Video: Bono’s Shame