Viral Video: Shock and Awe

Nov 27, 2006  •  Post A Comment

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The setup: Video game junkies camp out for hours in front of electronics retailers. They set up tents. They wait in long lines. And all for one thing: the chance to purchase a new Sony PlayStation 3. Enter a young man dressed in pimp gear-a long gray faux fur coat and a big purple hat-who holds a precious game console over his head and drops it on the sidewalk, where his associate proceeds to smash it about 15 times with a sledgehammer in front of the teeming masses waiting outside a Toronto Best Buy store.

The source: The creator, producer and cameraman is Yegor Sak, a University of Toronto student who collected donations online at Smashmyps3.com for the new console. “This project only exists for the sole purpose of providing satisfaction to people who hate the PlayStation 3, or just like seeing the reaction of the people who just spent a day in line to get their hands on one of these consoles,” the site said. Mr. Sak is also the mastermind behind videos honoring the destruction of a Nintendo Wii and an iPod at Smashmywii.com and Smashmyipod.com, respectively.

The hits: The PS3 demolition video quickly rocketed up the hit list on YouTube, reaching nearly 1.9 million views by Nov. 21, three days after it was posted. The video also made the rounds on Google Video and Digg.com.

Video: Shock and Awe