C-SPAN Seeks Its Own Cameras in House

Dec 14, 2006  •  Post A Comment

C-SPAN is asking incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to allow it to operate its own cameras during House of Representatives sessions rather than relying on the House feed.

In a letter Thursday to Rep. Pelosi, C-SPAN chairman and CEO Brian Lamb suggested that the 28-year-old agreement that allowed C-SPAN to broadcast House sessions, but only by using a feed provided by the House Speaker, “has become an anachronism that does a disservice to the institution and to the public.”

A C-SPAN spokesman said a similar request will be made to the Senate next year.

Mr. Lamb’s letter said the current feed provides static head-on shots of legislators speaking without reaction shots to what they are saying and leaves viewers “with an incomplete picture of what’s happening.”

C-SPAN is also asking for immediate access to tallies from the House electronic voting system.

A spokesperson for Ms. Pelosi did not immediately return a call.

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