It Would’ve Been Bad, Had It Aired

Jan 8, 2007  •  Post A Comment

The very idea of Fox’s scheduled-then-yanked O.J. Simpson confessional so repulsed critics that it topped their list of worst movies, miniseries and specials-even though it never aired.

Fox’s planned sweeps stunt, “If I Did It, Here’s How It Happened,” had unpopular publisher Judith Regan interviewing the extremely unpopular O.J. Simpson about how he would have murdered Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman-if he had, in fact, committed the crime, which, of course, he claims he didn’t.

Though not one critic saw the program, which Fox pulled from its lineup after facing a mounting station boycott, it didn’t stop poll respondents from anointing it worst of the worst. Some critics even put it on their worst series list as well.

“Yeah, I know it didn’t air,” wrote Robert Philpot, Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “But if it did, this is how it would have rated.”

In second place was NBC’s live-action update of the animated special “The Year Without Santa Claus.”

Coming in third was HBO’s “Tsunami: The Aftermath.” Critics said the two-part program focused almost exclusively on British tourists rather than the native.